Last Thursday, Reverend Fred Luter, pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church and newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention spoke to the YLC organization at their Leadership Luncheon. I couldn’t make the event, but found this article written by Jonnie Honse, Membership Coordinator at YLC.

Listed below are Luter’s three P’s to an effective leadership discussed at the luncheon.

Prayer – Luter is quick to tell people that he would be nowhere without God and regular communication with Him through prayer.

People – “You can’t be a leader without followers,” said Luter. You must be a people person to be an effective leader, emphasizing the word effective. Luter reminded the crowd, “No man stands alone, even the Lone Ranger had Tonto. You need people who will hold you accountable, and not just the ‘yes’ people, but ones who will challenge you.”

Passion – And finally, be passionate about what you do. Luter points out that it’s hard to get people to commit to your causes and ideas if you aren’t passionate about them.

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