Meet Brandon Cheatham, our August Professional of the Month. Every month we will highlight one black professional in the Greater New Orleans area.

Name:  Brandon Cheatham
Hometown:   Houston, TX
Age:  27

Where do you work? What’s your position? Explain what the position entails. 

I work for an energy company as a Facilities Engineer and my current position is an Operations Support Engineer. I assist with managing day to day operations, production and expense projects for an offshore field in the Gulf of Mexico.

What brought you to NOLA?

Honestly, work brought me to NOLA and I moved here from Houston about 3 years ago.

Is NOLA your permanent home, or do you plan on moving on to a different city?

It is unlikely NOLA is my permanent home. At some point I will potentially move, but I am definitely enjoying living in the city and experiencing its culture and events.

What are your views on being a black professional in NOLA?

I think there are a lot of opportunities for black professionals in NOLA. As the city continues to grow, black professionals will play a vital role in its development and will have to ensure knowledge is transferred to the younger generations.

Do you see areas in that need improvement in the community for black professionals? How do you think that can be fixed?

Within the black professional community, I think facilitating more professional networking and collaboration between different organizations is an area of improvement. There is always strength in numbers and hosting joint events/programs has the potential to be very successful.

Do you belong to any professional, social organizations?

I am a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE).  I am currently the Membership Chair for the NSBE NOLA Alumni Extension in the city. We have a lot of events coming up and we have participated in a number of STEM programs for students of various ages. I have also been involved with Young Leadership Council in New Orleans.

What are you hobbies? Do you do any volunteer work in your spare time?

I really like to hang out with friends, try new places in the city and travel. I do volunteer in my spare time as a mentor. I believe mentoring and giving back is essential. I have always had others help me growing up and I take advantage of any opportunity I can to share my experiences or lessons learned with a younger person.

Where do you volunteer as a mentor?

I volunteer with NSBE NOLA Alumni Extension. Last weekend volunteered at the NSBE SEEK camp at Sci Tech Academy, a Math and science camp for students in 3-8 grade. Also at Fetch Energy at the Children’s Museum conducting science exhibitions.

I have also mentored through the YLC college awareness program, mentoring high school juniors and seniors as they transition to college and prepare or the SAT and ACT.

You do a lot. Do you ever get a break?

Honestly, very little. Sleep when you die!

What’s next on the horizon for you?

At some point I plan to work internationally and pursue an MBA.  For the rest, you will just have to watch and see…