Meet Tonda Peterson-Bryant, our October Professional of the Month. Every month we highlight one black professional in the Greater New Orleans area.

Born and raised in Flint, Mich., Tonda Peterson-Bryant earned her bachelor’s degree in special education at Alabama State University. After teaching for eight years, Tonda began managing day-to-day tasks for her brother Morris Peterson, an 11 year NBA veteran, serving as his personal assistant. She moved to New Orleans when Morris became a player for the New Orleans Hornets. While working with her brother, Tonda realized how important it is for players to have personal assistance manage their daily tasks. Because of this and Tonda’s entrepreneurial spirit, she began Special T Concierge (STC) in Sept. 2011.

Special T Concierge offers a portfolio of services to help you simplify your life by managing daily tasks from event planning to package deliveries. STC is your on call personal assistant  taking care of whatever the client needs.

Although Morris moved to another city, Tonda said staying in New Orleans to start her business was a “no brainer.” She said the people in NOLA has embraced her and made her feel like a native New Orleanian.  Tonda  believes NOLA has great resources for people trying to start their own businesses. She said, “I feel like there are tremendous opportunities for African Americans to start businesses here. You just have to have faith in God and put in the necessary work and there’s no limit to what you can accomplish.”

Although New Orleans has the resources, Tonda sometimes feel that the black professional community limit themselves because of “haters.” She stated, “I want to encourage them, or anyone for that matter, to stay focused on what goals you want to achieve and don’t give up on them. There are always going to be naysayers, but believe in yourself and you can accomplish ANYTHING.”

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