“You’ve got to pay the cost to be the boss!” – B.B. King

How many times in a month do you stop and say, “If this were my company, I would…” And after that how many times do you actually stop and contemplate what life would be like if you were in charge? How many of us are truly taking the steps to perfect your craft in this position you are in now, though? It is almost impossible to move from doing the fries to owning your own franchise, you have to take necessary steps now to prepare yourself for that future goal.

Take a look at your surroundings as you are reading this:

  1. Have you completed all of your tasks for the day by noon and have begun surfing the web, looking for something to keep your attention? If so, please refer to : http://bit.ly/QaMeoQ
  2. Have you worked through a few of your tasks on your list but needed a quick break to get your mind right before grinding out the rest of the day?
  3. Are you waiting until after lunch to make moves?

If you answered yes to any of these, you actually may want to consider how you can be more productive throughout your day.

(Forbes) 6 Ways to Be Productive:

1. Limit Meetings 

2. Reduce Reading

3. Write Faster

4. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good efficiency

5. Communicate

6. Focus on results rather than hours

You can read the full explanations here: http://onforb.es/RNgnw7

Someone once said that Success is spelled O-B-S-T-A-C-L-E-S. We sometimes forget that in order to move forward it will often take being pulled a few steps back. The backward movement should be looked at as a positive though, it’s a great chance for you to evaluate and re-access a situation before it’s too late.

1. Have passion for your business 

2. Set an example of trustworthiness 

3. Be flexible, except with core values

4. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back 

5. Make timely decisions

6. The major company asset is you 

7. Keep your ego under control 

8. Believe

9. Encourage and accept criticism graciously. Admit your mistakes. 

10. Maintain a strong work ethic 

11. Rebound quickly from setbacks 

12. Periodically get out of your comfort zone to pursue something important

Read more here: http://nbcnews.to/RcGFp7

A moment of honesty, everyone was not made to, nor intends to be a business owner and that is absolutely OK! That does not mean that you don’t have the potential to be a leader in your office or on your team. I have not come across too many people that have said, “Man, getting this raise for all the dedication and hard work I put in to my job totally wasn’t worth it!”


In the past year, how many seminars, on-line classes/tutorials, conferences or professional development opportunities have you looked into? Now how many have you actually taken? These educational formats are here for you to take full advantage, and there are many you don’t have to pay for, don’t abuse that by letting dates and times slip away without you on board.

1. The Urban League of New Orleans offers many options for  Community and Economic Development

a. Woman’s Business Resource Center: Promoting small business, the Urban League’s Women’s Business Resource Center (WBRC) provides training, assistance and resources to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs.  As an entrepreneur WBRC services can help improve your management skills, strengthen your enterprise, and increase your business’ capacity for success.

b. The New Orleans Business Resource and Entrepreneurship Center: The Business Resource & Entrepreneurship Center (BREC) partners with private, public and nonprofit resources to build strong, sustainable and successful businesses in New Orleans and surrounding parishes. Small businesses create wealth, develop new and higher paying jobs and contribute to Louisiana’s economic health.

c. Office of Workforce Development: The Office of Workforce Development’s mission is to build core competencies that produce a common set of knowledge and skills for career success, and provide a foundation for job seekers to access a full range of occupations with livable wages.


2. IDEA Village 

The IDEA Village is like a fantasy dream come true for entrepreneurs in NOLA that really want to make big moves. Every year from July – March, The Idea Village executes an annual Entrepreneur Season that connects a collaborative network of local and national partners to identify, support, and celebrate local start-ups through broad array of innovative educational and consulting services. The Season kicks-off each March with New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.

IDEA Village has 4 major offerings:

a. Educational Services – This includes Workshops, Round-table discussions and a Keynote Speaker Series

b. Strategic Consulting – ” The Idea Village offers a variety of programs to help new and seasoned entrepreneurs carefully think through opportunities, assess and manage risk, develop a strategic growth plan, and identify what is needed to accelerate the growth of their business.” This includes sessions on capital access like grants and debt and how to pitch potential investors.

c. Experiential Learning  – The Idea Village’s IDEAcorps steps in on this process to help connect university resources to provide direct strategic consulting to New Orleans entrepreneurs during Entrepreneur Week. IDEACorps is a nationally recognized MBA service learning program.

d. Thought Leadership – This includes opportunities to hear qualified speakers explain their process and journey.  Part 2 of Thought Leadership involves Strategic Challenges, which are structured to take participants through the entrepreneurial process from problem identification to business model development, and finally to fundraising and execution during a six-month, three-phase program.

Interested in joining but not quite convinced, take a look at just a few of the business who began their journey with IDEAVillage:

1. Cordina Mar-go-Rita

2. NakedPizza

3. TurboSquid


We don’t know if you have noticed but New Orleans has changed and is continuously changing, and we think for the better! This city was built on an entrepreneurial foundation and that is evident when you walk into just about any and every store or shop around town. Lately, it seems as though the spirit of the entrepreneur has reached an all-time high and innovative start-ups are not only rising to the occasion but boosting NOLA’s job force and economy. We’ve shared just a few of the opportunities you can take advantage of to be a part of this movement above, but the first piece of the puzzle is your commitment and dedication to the entire process.

We know the drive is there, now it’s time for YOU to unleash it!