If you’re reading this, you’ve survived: (a) holiday season; (b) New Year’s Eve; and (c) another year at your place of employment. But something tells me you have a business idea that has lingered for some time now. Before you toss the idea of becoming an entrepreneur out the door, let me throw this out there – it never hurts to try. Plus it has no use inside that lovely brain of yours.  Give your idea a fighting chance and join Urban League’s Women Business Resource Center’s Entrepreneurial Training Series.

AttendeesThe series is a multi-week course for both potential and existing entrepreneurs that offer a practical, condensed series of entrepreneurial technical and training sessions.  The purpose of the courses is to teach entrepreneurs better business planning skills, from business concept development to actual preparation of a comprehensive business plan.  The course enables participants to work through the various stages of business growth and development.  Unlike other training programs, WBRC classes address the special needs of the entrepreneur by providing a practical, hands-on, common sense approach to developing their small business whether just starting out or ready to grow.

During the WBRC Entrepreneurial Training sessions, the instructor goes into great detail on how to write a business plan. Classes began on Monday, January 7th at 6pm.

Did we mention the series is affordable? The cost for all 8 classes is $60, or you can pay $10 per class, as you attend them. Get started today!

Download the Jan 2013 Training Schedule here.

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