There’s plenty of buzz around New Orleans “Song Bird” Robin Barnes, but for this month’s NOBP Professional Spotlight, we wanted readers to get an insight on the singer that many haven’t seen.  As a friend, I chose Robin to spotlight, because like many professional artists in the city she struggles to break out of the box and become a “singer from New Orleans, not a New Orleans singer.”

Born and raised in the Crescent City, this college graduate has been singing since the age of nine.  From Saints games to festivals and gigs at local hotels, Barnes has performed at venues that many artist only dreams of.  Building a brand nationally and internationally can be a huge struggle for many artist, but this 20-something year old singer says it’s a struggle she battles daily.  With a “Creole” background, being labeled a “New Orleans Jazz Singer” is a box that she wants to break out of.  Barnes hopes to set her self apart with the debut of her upcoming self titled EP which is due out April 27th, the same day of her big performance at Jazz Fest on Congo Stage!

Barnes hails from a family of musicians with whom she performs with weekly, but unlike them she’s pursuing a full-time singing career.  Today, you can find Barnes performing on Fridays at the Windsor Court from 9 p.m. – Midnight.

“Thinking About You” (The Porch Chronicles) – Robin Barnes & Mathew Berman

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