Sunday’s brunch is the first in a series of events hosted by the Women’s Health & Justice Initiative (WHJI). These monthly brunches will provide a space for women of color across the New Orleans area to socialize with, be inspired by, and learn from each other! At this inaugural event, we will:
  • Share information on the history and current work of the WHJI
  • Introduce ways for you to get involved in feminist of color organizing with WHJI on a range of topics aimed at improving the social and economic health and well-being of our communities
  • Eat nourishing and delicious food together while engaging in socio-political opportunities

This event is for and by women of color.  In using the terms ‘woman’ and ‘women,’ we recognize that these terms do not signal a particular type of body, fixed gender identities or expressions.  Women differ by age, race, ethnicity, gender expression and identity, sexuality, education, ability, relationship status, work sector, and citizenship status. Collectively and organizationally, WHJI is committed to creating institutions and environments that challenge gender-policing, trans and homophobia, and white supremacy colorism by dismantling racist, heterosexist, patriarchal, classist, and xenophic ideologies of exclusion, discrimination, hatred, and violence. 

The Women’s Health & Justice Initiative is an affiliated partner of INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence 


WHJI is a radical feminist of color organization dedicated to improving the social and economic health of women of color and our communities, by challenging the use of punitive social policies, practices, and behaviors that restrict, criminalize, exploit, and police the bodies and lives of low-income and working class women of color.

Formed in 2006 to address the hidden and persistent racialized gendered forms of violence, neglect, and inequality laid bare and exacerbated by the disasters of 2005, the Women’s Health & Justice Initiative (WHJI) is a feminist of color anti-violence movement building organization based in New Orleans that engages in public education campaigns, research projects, and grassroots organizing activities to improve the social and economic health of women of color and our communities. Over the past seven years, WHJI has worked tirelessly in challenging the social invisibility of women of color and poor women’s increased vulnerability to violence; economic marginality; limited access to safe, accessible, and non-coercive preventative healthcare; and lack of affordable housing by – staving off attempts to further undermine our human rights—while forging new opportunities to build the capacity of our communities to address the social justice implication of women’s economic and social needs to live in healthy and safe environments. Our efforts to increase the visibility of women of color organizing and advocate against the punitive use of social policies, practices, and behaviors to restrict, exploit, regulate, and criminalize the bodies and lives of women of color and low-income women has resulted in numerous organizing and advocacy projects, national and international speaking opportunities, public lectures, conference presentations, publications, and campaign victories.