I came across this video  Wealth Inequality in America. It is a visual representation of how wealth is distributed across the country. This is the reality! These are the actual numbers of what Americans THINK, WANT, and HAVE in terms of wealth distribution. The perspective of the video is purely based on a numbers game and the actual people behind the numbers are irrelevant. It does not dive into how the 1% received the money, if the money compounded over the years, was the money earned through hard work, or was it inherited. It is simply the facts surrounding the american dollar distribution.

After watching this video I have decided that my opinion is torn. A majority of the country’s wealth should not be in the hands of a small percent. However, $250,000 is considered the 1%. I do not want to penalize the people of this country who worked hard to earn more than $250,000, but I don’t think 1% should have almost 50% of the country’s wealth. Torn, just torn. How as a country do we remedy this problem? Is it too late to fix?

I know some folks believe that this is a fight between the “lazy” and the “hard-workers”, but it’s really not. It’s easy to believe that some people are just too lazy to work hard for their money, or it’s too hard to believe that someone could work 50 hours a week and still be below the poverty line. The crazy part is both statements are true. The balance of wealth is terrifying and it needs to be solved. The question is where to start? Education, supportive organizations, the GOP, Liberals, War on drugs, overseas production, reality TV,  two dollar Tuesdays? Truth is I don’t know where to start, but I choose to work on education and two dollar Tuesdays.

Where will you begin?