Let’s talk about food for a quick second. McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, and RALLYS (especially) all have something in common. They’re quick, cheap, filling, processed, un-healthy, and at times disgusting. It causes our bodies to deteriorate and weaken. In order to restore our selves we pump our bodies full of unnecessary toxins aka prescription drugs. This is symptom reliever and not a cure. Here is the problem, we as people eat there because we do not know of too many places that offer healthy options for $7.00 or less. Or let’s be honest about the reality, some of us are too lazy to cook. A healthy diet and exercise is all it takes to prevent or improve many cases of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Now I am going to get off my soapbox and introduce you to an incredible man with a solution to this problem…..Christopher Sylvain. I worked with Sylvain for over 5 years at Walgreens Pharmacy. He was without a doubt the most knowledgeable pharmacist in regards to diet that I can think of. I once offered him a cheeto and he told me, “That’s not even food. Not one ingredient listed is actual food.” True story. Not one.

Sylvain believes that a healthy diet is what our community is lacking and instead of just stating his belief he decided to do something about it. Last year Sylvain retired from Walgreens and in March 2013 opened his very own pharmacy and restaurant called Best Life Pharmacy & Restaurant located at 2657 Tulane Ave. (@ Broad), New Orleans, LA 70119.   http://www.bestlifepharmacyandrestaurant.com/index.html  This business is amazing and completely necessary for our community. At Best Life customers can purchase any medication that they need, free health screenings, and/or buy a nutritious meal. Baked or grilled seafood or various meats, salads, pizza, sandwiches, wraps, breakfast, etc. the options are endless. The best part is nothing on the menu exceeds $9.00. Let me repeat; NOTHING ON THE MENU EXCEEDS $9.00 AND IT’S ALL HEALTHY!

Sylvain’s health crusade does not end with his business. He has his own TV show called Health Issues. The show includes prominent speakers of the medical industry to discuss prevalent health issues. You can watch Health Issues on NOA-TV on channels 8, 76, and 99 on various days and times. Click the link to find out when   http://noatv.com/schedule.html .  Or click to check out an episode


Just in case you feel like Sylvain is not doing enough with his life…. he is also the pastor at Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church http://www.faithfgbc.org/  located at 3112 Paris Ave., New Orleans, LA 70119. At Faith, Sylvain is providing people a chance to build a healthy mind and soul.