You may give up thousands of future dollars for every year you delay starting a tax-deferred retirement plan. Here’s why: Every year that you wait you are paying more in income taxes. And, every dollar lost to taxes is a dollar that cannot be used to help increase your future financial security.

More importantly, every year that you postpone establishing a plan represents a lost annual contribution—and every year of delay costs you a year’s worth of tax-deferred growth. The combination of lost contributions and lost tax-deferred earnings can be enormous.

A Case in Point Suppose the following facts are true:

Your present age: 43
Assumed annual contribution: $15,000
Annual return: 9%
Your retirement age: 65
Number of years for payout: 20
Years you delay your plan: 2



Results With a Delay Without a Delay The Cost of Delay
Total Plan Contributions: $300,000 $330,000 $30,000
Earnings on Plan Assets: $536,468 $697,979 $161,511
Accumulation in 22 Yrs.: $836,468 $1,027,979 $191,511
Annual Retirement Income: $91,632 $112,611 $20,979
Total 20-Year Payout: $1,832,642 $2,252,230 $419,587


This is a hypothetical example for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the return of any specific product


K. Orian Williams, J.D.

Financial Services Professional

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