Walking through the doors of Victory Restaurant & Bar in Downtown New Orleans, immediately I’m approached with smiling faces and drink offers left and right.  However, before indulging in one of its famous hand-crafted cocktails, I quickly remember the reason why I’m there and hesitantly pass on drinks.  Shortly after, fresh and vibrant from anchoring the 4 and 5 o’clock news,  new-found Victory Bar owner- Camille Whitworth jaunts in wearing a beautiful magenta blazer and aviators.  I then accompany her to the back where “Secreto” (secret room in Spanish) is located and we quickly get comfy in the Indian inspired room where you quickly forget the dilemmas of the day and are taken away to a quaint town in another world.

Cozyed up on the couch, I had the pleasure to chat with this month’s NOBP Professional Spotlight Camille Whitworth- News Anchor, Artist and Victory Bar owner.  Not going to lie- being the new girl at WDSU, I was intimidated by Whitworth and her 10 year seniority at the station.  Racing through my mind was how can I tell her story and tell it good!  That quickly disappeared when we started talking and she’s just as sweet and personable as she comes off on the TV.

Before becoming the face of the evening newscast at WDSU news channel 6, Whitworth reported in Raleigh North Carolina, Louisville Kentucky & Indiana.  After graduating from Hampton University, she traveled with the crew of Fresh Prince of Bell Air doing PR for DJ Jazzy Jeff and eventually joined the family business and helped start the US Tribune in Washington D.C..  Though Whitworth’s TV dream job didn’t take off right after college, she says “I always knew what my dream was, I was just waiting for it to catch up.”

In a family full of go-getters, writers and entrepreneurs Whitworth’s itch to have a business of her own only came natural, “it’s important to have something that no one can take away from you.” This is not Whitworth’s first business venture, she was also the owner of a bar in Baton Rouge, a snowball catering business, and dabbles in painting and jewelry making.

Whitworth says now is the best time to invest into a business especially in New Orleans.  With resources and money flowing into the city, aspirations are limitless.  As Will Smith once told her back in the day, “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.”

After our interview, I did take them up on a drink or two! 🙂