Sometimes, the hardest thing about putting together an awesome resume, is the whole process of putting it together. We often forget how great we look on paper and how much we’ve truly progressed and accomplished over the years because our focus is “How do I make myself look like the perfect candidate before they meet me?” You’re racking your brain trying to decide whether you should cut out some of your volunteer work because it moves you to page 2, but now that you’re at page 2 you’ve remembered a few more things that you think are important enough to include, but now you’re 2/3 of the way down page 2 and it just looks…awkward. Maybe you want to give your resume some flair, add your initials in bold letters in the top left corner and maybe you’re thinking it should be in red because that’s sure to grab someone’s attention! But will the recruiter or person reviewing think you went overboard?

We’ve found a few tips from that may help you get past some of your qualms. (Click on any debate to continue reading)

Debate #1 – The Multi-page Resume

Debate #2 – The “Creative” Resume

Debate #3 – The “Pretty” Resume

Debate #4 – The Interests Section

Debate #5 – The “Updated” Job Title