One of our favorite minority start-ups, Munivestor, is participating in the PowerMoves NOLA event during Essence Festival. Yesterday, Entergy announced a pre-event competition that awards the Louisiana-based company with the most Facebook votes $5K! VOTE TODAY!

“Damon Burns, meanwhile, was an investment banker working in municipal bonds who noticed that small investors, in particular, lacked access to easily digestible information on the financial health of municipal governments issuing bonds. Such research took a considerable amount of legwork. And bond insurance that offered a shield against risk became much less prevalent after the 2008 financial crisis, Burns said.

That led him to create Munivestor, a subscription service providing research on municipal bonds. The just-completed course, he said, helped him understand other aspects of running a business in addition to the finance portions he already knew, and it helped him focus his priorities.

“I was advising others on what they can do on one aspect of their business,” Burns said. “The difference here is that you have to manage every aspect of your business.” READ MORE