While scrolling through the internet I came across this article, Let Them Know You Mean Business: How to Gain More Trust at Work At first I thought to myself, there’s no need to read this, I have all the trust I need at my job and sometimes maybe too much. But after a recent management course on reading behaviors of our staff and self to better our work environment I thought to myself, hey I can always use more tips and advice on how to better myself. I may have it great in my current position, but who’s to say in 3-5 years I won’t be somewhere else, starting from the bottom trying to get where I am now.

I truly believe there is an art to being a great professional in the workplace and with no two people being the same it’s important to learn how to work well alongside your peers. The easier it is to work together the more opportunity you have to grow and learn. How else will we get to that next big step in our careers?

A few of my favorites are below in no particular order. I encourage you to check out all 9 on the site.


This is a professional trait you need to have; period. The art of listening isn’t mastered by too many people as most have the tendency to talk over folks in order to make their point. The more you listen, the more you let your colleagues know you have their attention–and they’re being heard. It’s a small gesture that has the power to make a lasting impact.


Rid yourself of the nasty habit of looking down on others. Even if a colleague does not have the same credentials as you, there’s no reason to treat them like a second-class citizen. Professionals who treat everyone as an equal player tend to be the ones who are easier to work with and liked by all.


Of course you want to see your hard work pay off and reap the benefits of success–who doesn’t? That however does not mean you concentrate on your self interests and neglect others involved in the process. There needs to be a general desire to see both your job and co-workers accomplish the goals you share.