The Google Community Leaders Program (Google CLP) invites you to #GetConnected at the Google CLP Block Party Saturday, April 11, from noon until 3 p.m., in the Knights of Columbus Hall, 6524 Vicksburg St.., in New Orleans. The ultimate goal of the event is two-fold: to close the digital divide, and to motivate as well as equip local entrepreneurs with digital tools to help build sustainable businesses that contribute to the economy. The event is FREE and open to the public.
Come one, Come all: Children, students, local small business owners, musicians and non-profit organizations are expected to attend the outdoor block party. In addition, popular local food trucks such as DivaDawg Food Truck.
Block party attendees can participate in free on-site training sessions with the Google CLP small business, music, non-profit, and marketing teams. Each team teaches business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs ways to incorporate digital tools and knowledge such as Google Apps, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, YouTube, Mailchimp, and Social Media  outlets, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to effectively connect with existing and attract new consumers.