MBDA helping minority entrepreneurs maximize their “Money and Power” through federal businessresources

Today, African-American women are one of the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country; startingbusinesses at a rate of six times faster than at the national level according to the 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express OPEN. As these numbers continue to increase, the MinorityBusiness Development Agency (MBDA) remains a longtime advocate and supporter of Minority Business Enterprises(MBEs).

MBDA is the only federal government agency solely dedicated to serving the minority business community byworking across government and industry to promote the growth and global competitiveness of MBEs. This year theAgency is helping to launch the festival’s first ever Entrepreneurship Village as part of the “Money & Power” Expo. Attendees will have access to a series of free business training seminars and boot camps during the festival.

Join MBDA National Director, Alejandra Y. Castillo, ( July 1-3 from 12pm-4pm at Convention Center) at the 2016 Essence Festival’s “Money + Power – Entrepreneurship Village” as she discusses how changing demographic trends are creating greater business opportunities and increasing economic growth in minority communities, and MBDA’s  new partnership with Essence. The new MBDA/Essencepartnership is just one of the Agency’s many efforts designed to support African-American entrepreneurs, as well as themore than 8 million MBEs across the nation.



About the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

MBDA,  www.mbda.gov,  is the only Federal agency dedicated to the growth and global competitiveness of U.S.

minority-owned businesses. Our programs and services better equip minority-owned firms to create jobs, build scale and capacity, increaserevenues and expand regionally, nationally and internationally. Services are provided through a network of MBDA Business Centers. After 47years of service, MBDA continues to be a dedicated strategic partner to all U.S. minority-owned businesses, committed to providing programsand services that build size, scale and capacity through access to capital, contracts and markets. Follow us on Twitter  @usmbda.