New Orleans is arguably the best drinking town in the world. I mean, I have been here since 2005, my freshman year of college. I should know, right? The local drinker (that’s me) is a seasoned veteran, capable of day drinking, taking a nap and ready to hit the town again. We just know how to drink better than most others do. That’s why we’re giving you a list if our new favorite bars you should frequent this weekend for NBA All Star. A big part of knowing how to drink is knowing where to drink. DISCLAIMER: Drink Responsibly. Our bartenders are naturally heavy handed. You’ve been warned!

ACE Hotel Bar (600 Carondelet St., NOLA 70130) We always feel like we’re on the east coast at the bar downstairs. Awesome drinks and @ThreeKeysNola hall is right next door with live music.

Catahoula Bar (914 Union St., NOLA 70112) Okay, so who knows about Pisco? Here’s your chance. Also, ask for something with the buzz button, the Amazon flower, the flower you heard makes your mouth tingle—they’ll know what you mean!


Troubadour Hotel  (1111 Gravier St., NOLA 70112) Hello rooftop, try the Monkey Board!  Something about this hotel rooftop bar just feels sexy. Okay warning, this week they are closed for private events…hope you’re on a list. If not, they’re back on during the rest of Mardi Gras.

Vessel (3835 Iberville St. NOLA, 70119) For our saints and sinners. Yes, it is basically like walking into a Catholic Church, no worries they serve much more than wine.

[BLACK-OWNED] Victory (333 Baronne St. NOLA, 70112): A mixology we can’t live without! Ask for something flaming! Ask to use the Chartreuse DISPENSER! Then ask the owner if he’ll take a shot with you, tell Mr.Victory TheBlackProfessionals sent you.