Get Out, one of the most creatively written and directed movies in years, has evoked controversial emotions, and there has been tons of racially charged comments posted. Though dating outside your race is more accepted than ever before, even while racism is more blatant due to our new “President”, obviously the main question you would probably get as a black man is: Did the movie change your outlook on interracial dating?


I first want to say that I thought this was a very good movie. It deals with present/past issues and brings them to a mainstream audience. I don’t believe my opinion of interracial dating has changed. The movie didn’t teach me anything I haven’t seen my entire life, it was just presented it on a larger scale. However, I see a lot more acceptance than we would have 10 or 20 years ago. I believe that love shouldn’t have color, just like it shouldn’t have limits. There are several couples I know who are of different nationalities, who love each other unconditionally. The kind of love you can feel when people walk in the room, that can’t be restricted to any one thing in my opinion.
The one question for me that the movie brought up was how do you handle your in-laws not accepting you? It seems typical that the spouse may not be accepted by one in-law, but then a grandchild is born and they are loved by everyone. This movie unfortunately shows us the ugly reality of the society we live in.


While living in California, I’ve dated outside of my race a couple of times from El Salvadorian to Armenian. In California, everyone but black men normally love to date black women. Black men in California normally prefer the “others” (Puerto Rican, Mexican, Armenian, Asian, etc.) than black women. And that’s okay! Unless they’re originally from the south. Gotta love them southern boys. After seeing the movie Get Out, I think I would be proud to sport my blond hair blue eye fiancé on my arm like Serena Williams, as long as he treated me like his African Queen, and our chemistry was undeniable. HOWEVER! If any of the strange actions, comments, or questions arise at a family function like in the movie, I’d drop him faster than some of the other relationships/non relationships I’ve had. Be proud of who you love and who’s loving on you.


So professionals, what are your thoughts? How many of you have or are currently in a relationship with someone from a different race? Did it matter to you then and does it matter to you now?

~ P.O.V. We Speak