“At the age of 21 when I was supposed to be coming in to my own and “finding myself”, I was diagnosed with PCOS, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. It’s a condition who’s cause is unknown but symptoms are very apparent. PCOS wreaks havoc on a woman’s body, causing weight gain, excess facial & body hair, infertility, and cysts on the ovaries. 

1 in every 10 women suffer from this condition and sadly, many of them don’t even know. PCOS manifests differently in everyone so getting diagnosed is a struggle in itself. Many doctors will prescribe birth control pills and Metformin as a standard, but these only masks the issue. PCOS requires commitment to a total life change. Diet, exercise, skin, & hair care are all a part of a healthy lifestyle change in an effort to manage the condition. 

While there is no cure for PCOS, there is hope. With more awareness and education about it, women can take control of their bodies and advocate for themselves with their doctors. More research is being brought to light everyday and with every bit of information comes the belief that we can get to the root of this condition and learn how to stop it before it becomes a bigger problem.”

Thanks to our contributing writer Brandy Wright for sharing her story with us. We hope that you will all take the time out this fall to join the PCOS Awareness walk on September 9-10.

Visit the site to register for  “Women Walking Together” today! For more info on sponsorship and awareness for this walk please contact us at info@theblackprofessional.com with “PCOS Women Walking Together” in the subject line.