Landing a great job at a “top” company to can be an intricate beast, and  there are a variety of ways to get your foot in the door, but the very BEST way to do it, is to use your connections. As high up as you can go. If you’re in Greek Life – get in touch with your fraternity or sorority’s alumni association. If not, get in touch with your university’s Alumni association ASAP. Whatever college or university you attended, your alumni network is a valuable resource for starting the networking process.

While alumni networking is great, a more reliable way to get your foot in the door of a company of interest is to ask family friends, or your friends’ parents, siblings, ANYONE. Maybe someone has an uncle who’s an executive at a major company or your roommates older brother has a Start-up company. Never being afraid to ask people for help is key in networking. The trick is to always remember that no one can help you, unless they are aware that you need help!

Here are 3 tips to help you feel confident and comfortable during the networking process:

1. Start to familiarize yourself with your industry of interest as much as you can. Download relevant news apps, subscribe to industry newsletters, search trends happening in your industry. Just start to get a basic understanding of the language, trends, the big players, and what’s going on in the field.

2. NEVER STOP NETWORKING. You need to be talking to people all the time.  Set a goal to talk to someone about your field of interest once a week if you can. The world of work is centered around the business of people, and everyone eventually needs something from someone. The trick is to get people to need something from you.

3. Never shy away from reaching out, or attending networking events. The worst that can happen is you get ignored or a “NO”. The best that can happen is you make a meaningful connection that gets you one step closer to that dream job.

So get out there, and get talking!