I took on a #21DayFitnessChallenge in March to get fit(ter) for the beach and to help find my balance. This wasn’t my first time participating in a challenge. Back in October, my father suffered from a near fatal accident and it sent me into a serious feeling of imbalance in my life, even suffering from panic-attacks. I took on responsibilities that I never imagined at the age of 30 with a person I nearly had no real relationship. I suddenly realized that life is never guaranteed and having matters in order is important to your well-being.

I often tell my friends that I’m big on my happy bubble. It’s a space and place where if you don’t bring positive vibes to my life then I don’t want you around. Even my mother gets benched sometimes when she’s in a funk and spreading the negativity. I truly believe that every day you get to choose what you will and won’t do and it starts with waking up and being grateful for another day. So why waste it?

My goal was to find some structure considering the over-indulgence (11 years) of the New Orleans laissez-faire mentality. After 40 days, I gave myself a serious pat on the back. I was leaner, meaner (in a nice way), stronger mentally and physically, feeling good feeling great, all those wonderful things. But most importantly, I felt able, able to take on my father’s doctors, his bills, his sickness and continue to operate at my job and side hustle. I traveled to and from NOLA to Lake Charles and Houston with my laptop every other week, it seemed. Oftentimes, I worked on the hospital room floor, on a cot, in a chair, wherever. I felt able to take it all on!

So, October’s challenge included giving up a variety of things for #40DaysAndNights (not to put all my business out there but ah well!) including: daily workouts, clean eating, weekly bible study, making sure I’m in the pews on Sunday, cracking open my bible app more than just two days and no sex. It was a chance to cleanse myself of bad habits and find direction through commitment.

“Morgan if you can do all of these things for 40 days think about what else you can conquer after?!”


Needless to say, the 21 days was going to be super easy, right? Just daily workouts and watching my eating. Not nearly as difficult as the last challenge. But I was wrong, I struggled this time to balance my busy work schedule and getting a workout in each day. Finally, I had to say, Morgan, you’re doing this for more than just the beaches of Puerto Rico, this is for your mind, body, and spirit. Find your balance! So I got back in my workout classes. If you know me you know I get bored easily and have a very short attention span.

And that’s what fitness and health mean to me. Finding a balance. I get weighed once or twice a year at the doctor’s office. My weight rarely fluctuates outside of a 5-7lb range. When friends say “hey you’ve lost so much weight!”, that’s when I know I’m 5lbs down. I focus on feeling better when I wake up in the mornings and not exhausted when I lay my head on the pillow. I consider how many meetings, projects, extra-curricular and volunteer days I can balance with my possibly way too busy social schedule. I get out the shower and look in the mirror and say how happy are you with how you look and feel knowing no one else has the power to affect that but God and I. In a world where social media can corrupt your self-image in mere seconds I always push to challenge myself to do more than I did yesterday not the girls I’ve never met on Instagram.