Take It Easy

Without directly commenting on this controversial topic I found the language used to convey this apology to be very interesting, very interesting indeed!ūü§Ē

Shea Moisture, which has been a little more than 25 years in the making, had an estimated combined value of $700 million in 2015 (amongst two other Sundial brands, it’s umbrella company). Add another 16 months or so and you know where these numbers are going ūüĎÜ‚ė̬†all the way up!


“Wow, okay – so guys, listen, we really f-ed this one up.”

I feel like I was just talking to one of my friends or a co-worker, not founder¬† Richelieu Dennis as I read the opening line of this statement. And just like that a multi-million dollar company goes from management and executives seeming unreachable to basically sending an “I’m sorry” text to my phone (Because we know 85% of their customer base/internet trolls/confused bystanders read that public statement through social media on their cell like we did.) I use Shea Moisture’s¬†hair and body products daily and I have to say, this apology¬†could have used a little more finesse. I get that they were looking to come down to my level to talk but maybe that was a bit much, take it easy pal.

We have have watched the casual texting and business world continue to dance closer and closer over the past years and now it’s a full out Tango. In the world of marketing, advertising and public relations, social media has become a game changer and major tool in the box of arsenal. As a marketing research professional I have attended¬†conferences for the last four years where half of the panels are strictly about using social media to foster a relationship with your customers. We often say that we now start the conversation of “what’s next?” by simply being quiet and listening. Watching the comment sections on Facebook and Instagram, charting how many likes, follows and re-tweets a post will garner and then using that info to tell a client “we know exactly what your next move should be!”

We also use it to give the brand a personality. How quickly a body wash or shampoo, an intimate item can have a voice of it’s own! Look how quickly this ad went viral from distaste. Partially due to the way the brand interacts with it’s audience. From commercials to social media, their community has welcomed Shea Moisture into their home and the simple relationship, has now developed feelings.

One mistake many people make¬†when they become entrepreneurs, small business owners, public figures and IG celebrities is that the way you¬†respond to¬†a customer or person you are in communication with via social media¬†should be handled with delicacy and a clear head. Companies now spend real dollars hiring social media specialists and strategists¬†to manage a brand’s image with their very¬†fingertips.¬†If not handled correctly one can easily harm, and in some cases diminish, the quality of the brand without ever tampering with it’s actual ingredients or make. What’s cool about social media is how quickly you can erase your mistakes, what’s not cool is how things on the internet NEVER actually disappear. Someone, somewhere got a snapshot.

(See EPIC Fail below and always remember to have someone PROOF your work before hitting send! Also remember to SLOW down and collect your thoughts in a crisis situation. Everybody is watching your every move now #Trolls)