My name is Amanda, I have a full-time job, yet I make time to travel quite a bit. I’ve traveled to 15 countries and I’m looking to double that number by the end of the year. Last year, I traveled every month totaling over 16 trips and I even pushed myself to start a blog and share my stories and tips as a way to inspire others to travel outside of the US. I was also tired of living through other people’s adventure and was ready to start my own.

My first true experience traveling outside of the US was with my MBA program. I applied to a study abroad program in Fortaleza and Sao Paolo, Brazil for an Economics class. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I even did another study abroad where I lived in France for a month.

Travel has been good for me. As for my career, I never truly gave it 100% so I can’t fault the shortcomings of it. I’d rather follow my passion and create my own which is why I started my travel consulting company. Travel has given me the confidence to be myself, to become a better communicator, and develop compassion for people. You can’t place a value on the memories created or the friendships made. They are worth far more than any material possession. Travel gave me a new outlook on life where I can appreciate all of God’s creations with peace. Now I share it with others through my blog and my business   

I’ve made paella in Barcelona, climbed pyramids while visiting Teotihuacan in Mexico City and taken selfies at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. I’ve made lifelong friends while visiting South Africa and cozied up with a few attractive Cubans on the dance floor. I’ve backpacked Amsterdam with my sister and friend and found my way to the Secret Beach while in Belize.

As I set off to continue to conquer my travel goals throughout 2017, I thought to share a few tips that helped my clients. Below are six tips to help you reach your travel goals. 


A few of my tips:

Read a Blog

Checking out blogs and reading about other people’s journey gives you ideas.  As a blogger, your goal is to share the real story. Reading it from a person who isn’t getting paid off perks to fabricate a story means there some truth to what you’d experience if you go. Granted, everyone will have their own experience and interpretation; blogs are a great base to start and gather ideas when planning a trip.

Stay in Your Budget 

Those trips to exotic beaches are to die for, but at the death of your wallet? It’s not that serious! Yes, you can luck up on an error fare or a flight deal, but if you’re not ready to purchase right away or available to take off during those times, then that means nothing to you. So your best bet is to save your money and travel off what you can afford. Use this time to make a budget. Once you create a budget or have an idea of what you are willing and able to spend, you can plan your trip. (Don’t forget to consider food and spending money in the budget.)


Talk Big Stuff 

Talk about it! Tell your close friends and family about your future trips. Talk too much about it that they hold you to it. Hey, they might even join you! Talking about it is affirming what you want and speaking it into existence. You’d be surprised at what power your tongue possesses. Plus, if you talk about it, you wouldn’t want to be proven untrue… now would you?

Travel Group 

Join a travel group or find someone who hosts pre-planned group trips. (Umm… Helloooo… Check out TravelBug!) Travel groups are an excellent way to venture out with like-minded people, explore new countries, and make new friends. It’s also a great way not to do any of the hard work that goes into planning. This is definitely a great way to stress-free travel.

Use A Travel Consultant 

Sometimes you don’t have the time to plan or just don’t want to. You just want to pay and go. Luckily for you, you don’t have to. Partnering with a Travel Consultant or Travel Agent allows an expert to assist with planning all your travel needs. Being well connected allows them the ability to provide you the best deals and plan epic trips. As a Travel Consultant, I not only plan trips but do the research to gather ideas. I create travel trip ideas, proposals, give suggestions, and make connections.

Lone Star 

At times we don’t have anyone to go with, or the travel group is not going somewhere where you’d like to go. Go by yourself! People are much nicer to you and tend to look out for you when you’re riding solo. Great way to do all the things you want to do without considering others and their feelings.

Hopefully, these six tips will motivate you and your travel goals. Don’t talk about, be about it! Why spend another year working and wasting away good vacation or paid time off when it’s a big world out there waiting for you to explore? Follow my journey on my blog, In August I will start my journey by backpacking Europe. To keep up with my travels, follow me on Facebook and Instagram

Happy Travels, XOXO