Have you heard of Ada? It’s a free software programming program in Seattle for women. You don’t need to live in Seattle to apply for the program. It’s a 6-month full-time classroom learning followed by a 5 month paid internship. The average salary is 95k The application process opens tomorrow and ends September 11th. If you’re looking to make a job change, this may be your opportunity. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get accepted for the first round. I’ve heard of applicants applying 3 times before gaining admittance. Be persistent. https://adadevelopersacademy.org/

To help increase the amount of African Americans in this program, we created a FB to support African American applicants. We pair African American applicants with mentors who can help them with the process. If you’re an African American applicant, please join this page. Please read the description for the FB group and complete the survey.


Also, if you are in the computer field and want to be a mentor, please join the page. Mentors for the FB group can be any gender and any ethnicity. Please read the description of the FB group and complete the survey.