At one time, this Loyola University graduate thrived in her career as a PR/Marketing professional. But as the grim job market in New Orleans continued to fall, she quickly had to look at other options. After seeing an opportunity to switch careers, she landed in a higher-paying career that you’ve probably never heard of until now. 

Teniesha: Would you say PR/Marketing jobs were scarce and that is why you looked at other options such as becoming an EPIC consultant?

Jasmine: Yes. Especially as a black woman. It was either do sales or do something else. I went with something else. I wish I would have gotten out of New Orleans and pursued it elsewhere. It seems that there’s more luck on the East and West coast.

Teniesha: So what is your profession?

Jasmine: I’m an IT Consultant specializing in the Epic EMR

Teniesha: Ok. Break that down for me. What do you do on a daily basis?

Jasmine: It’s ok, no one knows what it means but the people who do it. So, I help build the user interfaces that health systems use to improve continuity of care and clinician throughout times.

Jasmine: So I build in what’s called M-code which is specific to Epic, a multi-billion dollar (E)lectric (M)edical (R)ecord system based out of the US but has an international reach. It’s like HTML for medical systems, if that makes sense.

Teniesha: How did you get into that?

Jasmine: I was in the medical non-profit world when Ochsner had an opening for an IT analyst in the Epic module ASAP which is specific to the emergency room clinician and their clinical workflows. From there I have certified in epic asap and ambulatory which is required to build in the Epic application. Training is a 3-week process in Madison Wisconsin,  and I actually am going back next week for another certification.

Teniesha: Did anyone help you along the way or suggest you apply?

Jasmine: No. I have been trying to get into Ochsner for years

Teniesha: And the job hired you before your training?

Jasmine: I actually applied to their marketing department since I have a degree and director level experience in marketing. Yes. You have to take a test to get hired and then you have to pass 3 tests and 2 projects with a grade of 85% in order to receive the certification.

Teniesha: What’s the avg salary range for this position?

Jasmine: As a full-time, employee it’s 50-80k depending on experience. As a consultant, it’s over 6 figures. You can be a consultant usually after 3 years of experience.

For more questions on how to become an EPIC Consultant, you can reach Jasmine on Instagram @Jasblien.

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