In honor of  GABRIELLE DECULUS DAY the young businesswoman has one simple ask, invest in a teen leader in the Br/NOLA area.


Here’s a quick story about her journey…

In Aug 2005, Ms.Deculus was elected by her peers as the Jr Supreme Lady (national president) of #KPC (largest AA Catholic Organization in the country) at a Convention in N.O. just days before #HurricaneKatrina. Many of her friends and family were impacted. She housed, clothed, and feed any and everyone she could. Empathy was how she started her senior year of high school. Not excitement, not celebration, just pure chaos and empathy. Her outlook on life had changed forever.

On Oct 12th 2005, she was given a Proclamation (or what she calls a #challenge) by the (first black) Mayor of Baton Rouge, Kipp Holden. “He told me to continue to serve in my most authentic way, and at 16 I didn’t REALLY know what that meant, but what I did know was that I was a leader and had a passion to answer the NEEDS of others. This proclamation made me brave and gave me confidence beyond my amazing mother pushing me daily. This paper and his words empowered me. I’ve kept that with me over the years, and I believe it’s reflected my life’s work and walk.

Yesterday, the newly elected (first female) Mayor of Baton Rouge @mayorbroome graciously reissued my proclamation from her administration. 12 years later, the 16 year old girl in me is still inspired by the leaders who invest/invested in me.

So, today is the 12th Annual ‘Gabrielle Deculus Day’ and I believe I have finally found a way to celebrate it…This year and every year moving forward, I would like to give a small grant to a high school student that is serving their community. I am living proof that kids that are supported by their community/village are more likely to fearlessly create and innovate.

Will you help me? How many more leaders can we create if we do this together? Please click here to invest in a teen leader in the Baton Rouge/New Orleans area. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support! “