Cooler weather you say? We’ve partnered with some progressive people in the city to bring you all outdoors for some fresh air and some real networking. Not just meeting in a space, giving a subtle head nod or hand shake to one new person who knows your friend you came with, asking “Well what do you do?” and never following up with them after you both promised and swapped business cards. We mean business this time, and for everyone.  This is for the professional, the curator, the artist, the entrepreneur, the progressive thinker and the person who is still finding their way to meet up and exchange ideas. This event is for people of all cultures and creeds, colors and waist-sizes.

To add to the beautiful courtyard space at NOPSI hotel we will have different DJs, art curators, business owners and entrepreneurs headlining each event to keep things fresh.  If you are interested in sponsoring or partnering with upcoming events please send request to

The first install includes art curated by Ceaux as well as an art auction. Here’s your chance to begin investing in your own art collection. It doesn’t always take hundreds of dollars to start, sometimes it just takes finding the right piece from an up and coming artist. We’ll also have music from DJ Legatron Prime and Lil’ Jodeci.

We’ll tempt you with complimentary wine upon arrival (by RSVP only) and have a few new ways to break the ice. But the rest is on you. So show us what you’ve got New Orleans.

RSVP today. Follow the team on IG: WKNDWineDown