Real Gentleman Barbershop (formerly known as RAE Grooming Barbershop (RGB)) is co-owned & operated by Daniel Rideau & Jerome Morgan, RGB competed in the 2015 NOLA Education, Pitch Competition, conducted by Propeller, in November of their opening year and placed first with a bonafide plan to break the cycle of incarceration by providing the youth with an opportunity to have economic stability through learning the trade of barbering, in their earliest adult years. The objective was to find solutions to social injustices in education.  RGB has popped up with their barber chairs & equipment at area parks, youth events & universities.


Daniel Rideau, is the second of five siblings to Mrs. Deborah Rideau Gaines. He spent his adolescent years in and out of juvenile facilities , which continued into early adulthood. At the age of 21 Daniel was sentenced to life in Angola State Penitentiary for murder, but later had his sentence reduced to manslaughter due to prosecution misconduct. Daniel was released in 2003, but arrested again in 2004 for identity theft and served five years in prison and five years on parole.

Daniel is a lifetime member of St. Luke Baptist Church where he sings in the choir and plays the drums. He is a Master Barber and and Co-Founder of Free-Dem Foundations, Inc.

His passion is to help disregarded youth find economical equality and self worth. Daniel is a co-author of Unbreakable Resolve: Triumphant Stories of 3 True Gentlemen.


Q: How did you get started? Tell us your motivation for starting this business.

A:  Both the owners started barbering in prison, to provide for themselves within those confines.


Q: What are you most proud of (related to your business)?

A: RGB is most proud of diverse client-base.


Q: As an African American/Black entrepreneur, what were some of the biggest challenges and/or surprised you faced when starting your business?

A: The most difficult challenge was finding permanent residency. A successful community barbershop is all about location.


Q: What advice do you have to fellow African American/Black entrepreneurs starting business?

A: I would tell them that owning a business is nothing more than being the most dedicated employee.


Q: New Orleans is such a “robust” entrepreneurial ecosystem. What are the resources (people, networks, organizations, programs, books, articles, etc.) that you have found most useful in starting and/or growing your business?

A: Organizations like Resurrection After Exoneration, Students At the Center, Rising Foundations and the Youth Empowerment Project have been very instrumental in what RGB has been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about your business or your personal story?

A: We aspire to have RGBs owned & operated by the community barbers of its location.

In this line of business, having such a mecca of barbering here in New Orleans, RGB just sticks to its expertise in our mentoring-brand of barbering.


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Instagram: @realgentsbarbershop

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Address: 1836 North Claiborne Ave. New Orleans, LA 70116

Phone number: (504) 302 – 1250



Hours of Operation: Open Monday thru Saturday $20 Tuesday:9am-5pm