Pretteaface Esthetiques

Pretteaface is a lifestyle! We pride ourselves on emphasizing a way of life, not just promoting a look, a product or service. We are a full service studio, there’s a complete experience provided with each & every private beauty session booked! We believe in connecting and educating the clients we come in contact with. We are not pushy salespeople or cold artists, we give the gift of enhancing which is from the inside out. We believe that the beauty you’re seeking isn’t put on from a service, tube, bottle, or compact but found deep within your own unique perspective. Pretteaface’s dynamic allows each person to fully customize their individual beauty session based on their wants, needs, lifestyle, & concern . We are not in the fast food business or in the business of forcing our personal style or beliefs on any of our clients.

Our services & products are not prejudice, we have something to offer every woman. You won’t find any harsh or harmful ingredients either. We are very environmentally conscious as a brand. Our line doesn’t contain fillers, sulfates, parabens or phthalates. The line is completely fragrance free, hypoallergenic , & non-comedegenic while protecting you from free radical damage without the use of all the commonly used chemicals. Whether you’re seeking a wax, makeup application, or extension services the concept that making you appear effortlessly seamless with or without is the most important thing to us.