The Black Professional was created to connect and engage African American male and female professionals aged 21 – 35 with resourceful information to the topics that matter most in the New Orleans community. Advertising with The Black Professional gives you an opportunity to showcase your business and the services you provide to our African American professional audience. We offer affordable ways to promote relevant content to our readers, including image ads, sponsored posts, and giveaways.

The Black Professional updates daily with content relevant to the lifestyle of a black professional. Put simply, African American blogs are influential, particularly when it comes to purchasing decisions.

“According to a Nielsen study, the African American population is an economic force to be reckoned with, with a projected buying power of $1.1 trillion by 2015. Also worth noting, the population of African-American consumers growth outpaces the rest of the population by 30 percent. Additionally, the demographic is younger, more educated and has higher incomes than commonly believed.”

The Black Professional is one of the top websites in its genre. This website ranks well in search engines and attracts readers who are interested in:

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